Joanne loves to... 
design, have a giggle, read & write, 
hug, garden, 

knit & crochet, needlepoint, interior design, play with color, shop, snuggle my dog, play scrabble, dress up, paint, dance, watch my daughters do anything, perfect a difficult yoga position, love & be loved.
Not in that order.

Joanne Steel Yordanou's Biography

I'm a mom first, of two (beautiful inside & out) daughters, a wife, daughter, sister, friend and dog-mommy. I've worked as an HR Manager for over 14 years, but always strived to fulfill the "Do What You Are" goal. This meant remaining faithful to my creative nature. I've enjoyed writing since I was a child and continued creating stories as a pastime while I designed knitwear, wrote patterns for knitting magazines and yarn companies. A division of Random House published my first solo book, "Twelve Months of Knitting" - a career high for me, to say the least. The short stories at the beginning of each chapter/month, inspired me to seriously explore my fiction writing.

After authoring "Twelve Months of Knitting," I wrote more short stories, attended 
Brian Henry's Writing Class, joined a writing groups, and then obtained an English Language & Literature degree from Queen's University.  I have several published pieces, a few listed on my Writing page. I continue to write and edit each day.

I read books like chewing gum, one stick after another (sometimes a mouthful). I wrote blogs, a "practice" novel ("Love and Terror" now shelved), and I'm currently looking for a home for my second completed novel, "Off the Grid," while I write a post-climatic dystopic tale--with of course, a murder thrown in. I'm also writing a collection of short stories about an incredible family, who after their father fights alcoholism, ALS takes the lives of three out of five of the couple's adult children. Yet, the family holds together with a deep abiding love for one another.

Stay safe,  Joanne :)

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