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Joanne Steel Yordanou

As a child, Joanne conjured up stories and poems, influenced by her avid reader mother and literary father (who could quote Shakespeare and the Bible). She's developed her writing quite a bit since then, and has no intention of slowing down.


Get in touch if you’ve got any comments, questions, suggestions, or just want to say hello. Joanne would be more than happy to hear from you.

Joanne Steel Yordanou author

Lady Friend 

He lost his wife to cancer six months ago. Still grieving and lonely, he invites a lady friend to the cottage. His wife's ghost has a lot to say about it.

Writer's Magazine
Short Story Contest 2020

Holding Hands

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Short Story Semi-finalist

"The language was rich and generous and full of emotional honesty. We loved how the narrative was told so confidently and sure-footedly while also perfectly portraying a character who wasn't confident or sure-footed in the slightest. We thought that external action and the narrator's interiority were nicely balanced on the page. We also felt first person was exactly the right POV choice for this narrative. It was immediately clear this was the work of a very talented writer."

The Writer's Magazine

Praise & Reviews

"What an accomplished piece. A gem. Thanks, Joanne!"

"This is a great piece. I want more! I’m hoping there’s a part two?"

"Beautifully written — especially all the fabulous little details that paint a brilliant picture of life in suburbia."

"A prolific storyteller — felt like I was there with Joe & Fred! Is there more to come??"

"I think you took the title “perfidy”, falseness, and created a world that perfectly illustrated that insidious human characteristic. You brought us into Joe’s world, such as it is. Thanks for your effort in developing your creativity and for sharing."

"Nice writing. Well done."

"Skillfully put the reader in the narrator’s corner even while knowing that he is not a good guy."

"Excellent Ink. Wonderful!"


CommuterLit Readers

"AWESOME! I just love made us feel love and terror at the same time..."

"Beautifully written, Joanne."

Excerpt of Joanne's "learner" novel (now shelved) on Brian Henry's Quick Brown Fox blog  


Joanne's busy writing novels, renovating her home with her builder husband, and tending her garden.

Joanne Steel Yordanou author

About Joanne Steel Yordanou

 A division of Random House published Joanne's first book, "Twelve Months of Knitting." The short stories that begin each chapter (month) inspired her to further explore her fiction writing, writing stories, articles, and blogs. She also contributed to other people's books, joined writing groups, and earned a degree in English Language & Literature from Queen's University. She is currently looking for a home for her cli-fi novel, "Naadia: The Wild West of the New World Order."


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