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Climate Change and My Next Novel Setting

Updated: Jan 2, 2023

You can see from my new website, I'm a nature lover. The moving trees was an easy choice for my website's background. As a gardener, I've spent as long as I can remember loving the encouragement of flowers and vegetables and the huge reward I gained from this. My next project is a novel set post-climate disaster, I needed to research fracking, which led to climate change, which led to "Before the Flood," the National Geographic 2019 documentary starring Leonardo Di Caprio. Wowee! Who needs horror movies?

I'm beginning to look at my own choices: what car I drive, what I wash my clothes with, what I eat. It's not the first time that I've thought about reducing my beef meals to once a week, or changing my fairly new gas car to hybrid or electric. We've already made gains in reducing plastic, aerosols, gas consumption, and eating more plants. What more can we do?

For those who enjoys gardening or the outdoors, be gentle with Mother Earth; she's crying.

PS The clip shows this"The Revenant"movie snap. It's only briefly refered to at the end of the doc, when Leo was filming in Canada for snow scenes and the crew needed to shift the filming to Argentina as the Canadian winter in the North was melting.

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