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Dear Literary Agent, "Naadia" is in your inbox.

Naadia is set in the former Canadian Rockies.
Rockies Foothills

Naadia is the country formed by the North American Alliance in 2060, consisting of Canada, The United States, and Mexico. It is an upmarket speculative novel of 80 000 words.

Nell McFee wants a quiet life on her ranch on the eastern foothills of the Rockies with her partner Gabe and soon hopes for their one Naadian-permitted child. But with the Water Police on one side and For Love of the Earth rebels on the other, quiet is hard to find and impossible after a Water Police officer is murdered with Nell’s hunting knife. Nell is sent to The Barrens, a northern women’s prison where AI robots treat the inmates like lab mice. Against his convictions, Gabe enlists with the rebels, hoping to free Nell. But the mother of all superstorms threatens to sweep up and destroy everyone’s plans.

NAADIA is a cautionary tale for readers who look at some of our world’s immediate problems and speculate on something that could happen in the next fifty years––if we’re not careful. It would sit on bookstore shelves with Michael Christie’s historical and dystopian saga Greenwood and Michelle Min Sterling’s near-futuristic climate fiction novel Camp Zero.

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