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Naadia: The Wild West of the New Order

Updated: Jul 8, 2023

That's the title of my latest novel, "Naadia: The Wild West of the New World Order."

It's a dystopic post-climate disaster tale with a murder thrown in. In 2071, severe STORMS, droughts, banned animal protein, a police state, elite mars and subterranean living, are the de rigueur of North America, now melded into the North American Alliance (NAA) or NAADIA, comprising Canada, USA, and Mexico. The world has likewise melded into continental countries and is deadly competitive with other alliances.

This cautionary tale at 85 000-words might remind you of Greenwood by Michael Christie (coming to the screen soon), or Station Eleven by Emily St John Mandel.

Gabe and Chanel met at university where Gabe taught Chanel Botany. They now maintain their state-subsidized, Rockies foothills farm, providing produce to Naadia, and rescue animals for the Animal Protection Agency, while working within the Water Police’s strict quotas.

When a neighbouring water police officer is murdered with Chanel’s knife, the couple becomes targets of the Naadian army-police law enforcement. Chanel is accused and then captured in a world where trials are skipped, people go missing after their arrest, and underground groups protest and fight for lost freedoms. She is sent to The Barrens northern prison where robots treat inmates like lab mice. Going against what he and Chanel believe in, Gabe enlists underground allies to help free Chanel.

The Storms ravage the New World Order; torrential rain and flooding, high winds, tornados, drought, heat, erratic and dangerous. During a merciless Storm and a grassroots revolution, Chanel’s fate and a shocking revelation all culminate on an exciting day to both remember and fear.

Told through the dual point of view of Chanel and Gabe, Naadia tells the cautionary tale of our possible future.

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